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Working together with a band or an artist means to us, that we spend some time understanding, what the music is about and what the individual spirit is. Then, when recording, we focus on keeping the drive, passion and the overall 'live'-feeling of the artist in the recording. We always try to avoid generic sound and to pro-tool a song to death. Authenticity is key! The next step then is to release the songs digitally to stores like iTunes or Spotify and create some buzz using social media platforms. In some cases we even do videos and, if needed, a website. And of course, everything we do is independent! We don't promise success, but if your stuff is hot, people will notice!

About Us

We are pretty sure you never ever heard of us, so lets use the opportunity to introduce ourselves. It all started with our own Band, THE MOST FAMOUS UNKNOWN. As an amateur musician, you know how rare it is to find the right guys with the right groove... and to match all the individual ideas. But we were lucky enough to realise that our music really works out for us.
Then we learned, that some people actually like our stuff and we started to get serious. After many failed recordings with different dudes (let's just call them producers) we finally decided to do it ourself. First we failed, but the results got better and better soon. So we got us some nice mics, read some books and in the end it sounded so good, that we decided to release our first song. In times of the internet, the most logical step for us was not to produce CDs for a hellot of money (we nevertheless spent most of our money for beer while recording), but to release the song only digitally. Some research later, our first song went online on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc etc.

To wrap it up at this point, our intention in founding a label is, that we want to share what we've learned with bands like us. We want to make it easy for bands to be recorded in a decent way and to release songs to the world independently.

For us, it is not about money... it is about passion!


Marco Spampinato

Marco is singer and bassplayer of THE MOST FAMOUS UNKNOWN, but he is also an awesome guitarplayer. Marco is our master musician, because he actually knows what we are doing. He is responsible for all artsy and technical music stuff. And of course he is writing songs!


Benjamin Westphal

Benso is the drummer of THE MOST FAMOUS UNKNOWN and an absolute beatmachine. He is also a very, very handy guy...a little McGuyver.. give him some wood, and he comes back with something really neat you never want to miss again. Benso is responsible for hardware and organisational stuff. And for the groove!


Daniel Engemann

Daniel plays the guitar for THE MOST FAMOUS UNKNOWN and he does backing vocals here and there. If not singing, talking is definitely his specialty, so he is responsible for communications and marketing. And sometimes he writes songs as well.

Contact and Booking

If you need informations, want to book a band or just say hi, please feel free to contact us!

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